Get predictable passive revenue every month.
  • Ongoing, consistent organic traffic
  • Competitors can’t keep up with you
  • Search traffic grows annually, like compound interest


91% of all content gets no traffic from Google.

75% of traffic comes from being on the first page of Google.


Hence the joke. Where can you go and not be found? Answer: The second page of Google. 


People need to find you to do business with you. 


It may sound simple, but with all the noise and competition, you need a strategy to get traffic to your website.


Companies that master SEO and get predictable visitors from Google every month leave their competitors behind.


The two biggest mistakes of lousy SEO
  1. Writing on topics that no one is searching.
  2. Targeting keywords without considering the searcher’s intent.


The purpose of writing articles is to get more customers and grow your business.


If you’re writing on topics, no one is searching for, or on topics where the person has no intent on purchasing, you’re wasting your time with SEO.


The scientific approach to master SEO?


Research to find the right keywords to target.


Know the intent of prospects searching the keywords? 


You want to get traffic that generates revenue.


How difficult will it be to rank on the first page of Google for the keywords?


What is your domain authority? Domain authority is a factor in ranking on Google. 


You need to target keywords that are possible to rank for with the domain rating you have. 


You can’t expect to rank above someone with much higher domain authority, only by having better content and a few more links.


Being realistic with the keywords you can rank on Google’s first page is the best way to grow your traffic and domain authority so that you can target more competitive keywords.


You want customer acquisition, not traffic acquisition.


We can do an SEO audit and put you on the right track to growing your business.