Make Money On Autopilot
  • Get customers to purchase more often 
  • Increase average order amounts
  • Retain customers


Get More Sales and Revenue with Email Marketing

Email is the number one driving force for producing revenue and profits for e-commerce stores. 


Segmenting and sending automated emails with the right message and offer, at the right time, is critical if you want to optimize your business for revenue and profits.


It costs money to acquire a new customer. The cost can be justified when you use email to get first-time customers to increase their order size and purchases more frequently.


The key to increasing profits is to use email to get first-time customers to make future purchases.


Messenger bots allow for customer interaction but do not have the same revenue as email. 


Using Messenger marketing compliments email marketing nicely.


The primary advantage of email over messenger is you’re not dependent on a third-party platform to message your customers. A third-party mishap could mean lights out for your business.


Three reasons to use segmented and automated emails. 
  1. You’ll generate tremendous revenue for your business.
  2. Your business is worth more money should you ever want to sell it.
  3. You own your email list, and can never be held hostage by anyone.


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